Successful marketing involves a combination of analysis of all marketing efforts employed over time. This requires getting your hands on the right data and the right analysis of this data. X Dimensions will help you ask the right questions to help guide optimization across all points in the customer experience. Every client has different needs, but may include questions such as:

  • How do landing pages effectively move customers into the site?
  • How do landing pages effectively move customers into the site?
  • What does the optimal path to conversion look like?

It’s all about understanding what has worked in the past and what will work in the future based on the growing data. This is where our expertise in analysis and site performance can make a difference.


X Dimensions will help you develop a reporting package that provides accessible metrics to individuals within the organization to enable informed decision-making. Our reporting consists of both static and interactive dashboards. When it comes to reporting we make sure we tailor the content, the layout, and the visuals for your audience with data interpretation and optimization recommendations as well.


X Dimensions will help you assess each marketing campaign against its goal. Breaking down optimization opportunities by placement, by partner and by landing page based on specific performance indicators. X Dimensions sets up reporting frameworks to highlight performance against the goals whether the campaign is designed to build awareness or drive conversions.


In today’s marketing world you must take on a multi-channel, integrated and cohesive approach, even in your analytics. A centralized view of all the brand touch points whether it is online or offline is crucial in your understanding on whether your marketing efforts are working together in view of your brand objectives.


X Dimensions will help you understand where your leads are generated, how they enter the site, the path they follow, and their user experience with forms or carts. Our lead analysis focuses on what triggers fallout, registration drop-off, or cart abandonment, the areas of conversion opportunity and which marketing efforts make the highest impact.


Our analysis helps address performance and optimization questions around individual site sections, individual pages, audience segment behavior, or specific marketing initiatives.


Our website optimization assessments are key to identifying gaps between your customers’ needs and the experience that your website delivers.

Reporting & Analysis